The Dry Creek PTCO (Parent, Teacher, and Community Organization) is a volunteer driven partnership between the parents of the students, our incredible teachers and staff, and members of our extended community (grandparents, former teachers, Dry Creek families, and local businesses). We welcome everyone that is committed to our school and our children's education!


The Dry Creek PTCO supports your child's school by coordinating fundraising events, sponsoring community activities that engage our families, update classroom technology, and provide staff grants for curricular endeavors. A significant portion of the funds raised by PTCO helps provide compensation for our para-professional, teaching assistants. These are the amazing people that give their time and energy every day to our children and provide supplemental help to our busy teachers. Therefore, the funds that the PTCO raises are extremely important in enhancing the adult-to-student ratio, as well as providing materials and resources that support student learning.


This year, besides providing money for the teaching assistants, we are being asked to provide money for updated computer technology that will be used within the classrooms. We are hoping to deliver on this request and to show our students that the community and families of Dry Creek are placing their education as a top priority.


Proposed Budget 2018-2019

Click on the above image to access posted PDF.

Click on the above image to access posted PDF.